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Question 1 --    Can I bring my own tables to give me extra room?

Answer 1    --    The club makes its money by selling tables.  Also, space is limited and extra tables would clutter the area.  A small table (example - card table) is O.K. for personal use, if used behind your space.  If you think you may need additional space for display and sale of merchandise, please reserve additional tables. If you have lots of loose merchandise, Bay Area Divers now offers Floor Spaces for purchase on the east (SE) and west (SW)  sides of the Pavilion. These can be used to place racks and loose merchandise. There is a limited number of spaces. The number of spaces purchased cannot exceed the number of tables. See the table layout map for space locations.


Question 2 --    Can I stack merchandise in front of my table so people can see it better?

Answer 2    --   The walkways get very crowded and excessive merchandise in front of tables makes matters worse. Please try to use restraint and good judgment when placing merchandise in the walkways.  Also, please don't get upset with BAD representatives if they ask you to relocate merchandise to freeup walk space.  We are trying to make the market pleasant for everyone. If you have lots of loose merchandise, Bay Area Divers now offers Floor Spaces for purchase on the east and west sides of the Pavilion. These can be used to place racks and loose merchandise. There is a limited number of spaces. The number of spaces purchased cannot exceed the number of tables.


Question 3 --    Can I use my table to distribute information about a SALE at my store?

Answer 3    --    A lot of effort from many dive club members is required to sponsor this event.  Any effort to get the public attending this event to go somewhere else would clearly not serve the intent of the market and would be unfair to other vendors.  We want people attending this event to spend their money at the market and go home happy.  We do not want the market to become a way to draw a crowd and then divert it somewhere else.  Please refrain from advertising a same day sale somewhere other than at the market.  If you have concerns or questions about this subject, please contact me before the market.


Question 4 --    Why must some people working at my table(s) pay an entrance fee?

Answer 4    --    The rules for the market (established by the club board of directors) allow two (2) workers for each table to be admitted free.  (Example: if you have 2 tables you will be allowed 4 persons free).  Additional personnel must pay the $5 entrance fee. Remember that this is a fund raising event for the club.


Question 5 --    Can I park a vehicle/trailer on the grass near my table to make things more accessible?

Answer 5    --    No.  The park has asked us not to drive on the grass if possible.  Vehicles in the area would also contribute to the clutter.  BAD club volunteers will be available to help you get merchandise from your vehicle to your table.


Question 6 --    What should I do if I encounter problems like theft or disorderly conduct?

Answer 6    --    The dive club cannot be responsible for theft.  However, we do have security on the premises to assist in any way that is reasonable.  Contact myself or any BAD member if you need help.


Question 7 --    What time of the day should I plan to pack the few items I haven't sold and leave?

Answer 7    --    The flea market is officially closed to the public at 5:00 PM.  The public attendance to the market slows after about 3:00 PM, but we still have people coming well after 4:00 PM.  Vendors leaving early tend to disrupt the market.  This is a little unfair to the people that come through the gate late and remaining vendors trying to serve these customers.  We ask you to keep your table(s) open until 5:00 PM if possible.  If you have sold all your merchandise early and have no reason to stay, of course, we'll understand.  Then invite the BAD volunteers to your house in the evening and we'll celebrate your success.


Question 8 --    Can I sublease tables?

Answer 8    --    No.  If you know someone that needs a table at the market, please have them contact the BAD coordinator for a reservation.


Question 9 --    How do you define COMMERCIAL versus CLUB versus INDIVIDUAL?

Answer 9    --    Some interpretation is needed since all participants aren’t created equal.  The following definitions will apply for the flea market:


COMMERCIAL:   Everyone that doesn’t qualify as a club or individual.


CLUB:                  Any organized dive club with a formal charter, scheduled meetings and, established membership.


INDIVIDUAL:     Individual person or one family with personal merchandise to sell.  This does not include merchandise bought with the intent to resale.

                             THE ACID TEST: -- Was the merchandise purchased for your personal use and are you now selling it because you want to upgrade, you’re quitting the sport, it no longer fits, etc.?

                             I know this is confusing in some cases.  Please contact the coordinator for clarification.  We are trying to treat everyone the same and be fair to all.


Question 10 --  What about DOOR PRIZE -- DONATIONS

Answer 10   --  Door prize donations are much appreciated, but they are always OPTIONAL.


Door prizes are used two (2) ways.  FIRST, a drawing will be conducted every hour for anyone that purchased a ticket.  If there are enough door prizes, we will draw every half hour. Additional door prize tickets will be available for $2 at the stage for anyone that wants to purchase them.  Your business will be recognized for door prizes you donate as they are given away.  SECOND, door prizes will be given at the end of the day to the many BAD club volunteers that have worked through the day to make the market a success for you.  Your consideration for these hard working volunteers will be appreciated.  Please bring items you want to donate for either purpose to the front stage anytime during the day. Organizations and companies that provide door prizes will be recognized on a special page on the website.


We look forward to seeing you and wish you a fun, successful day.

If you have additional questions concerning the flea market, please contact me at any time.  My phone number is (281) 782-7469.  My E-mail address is

Jim Delane        Flea Market Coordinator