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6th Annual Bill Jones COZUMEL Vacations



Information on how to buy tickets for the Bill Jones' Cozumel 2007 Travel Packages. 

PASSPORT REQUIRED that has at least four blank visa pages and will not expire within six months of the travel dates, LIABILITY RELEASE REQUIRED (CLICK HERE). 

CAUTION!  Your ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable.  Air Fare, Ground Transportation, Hotel Accommodations are included. Diving is not included.  "Group Diving Deal" and diving discount is subject to availability.  US International Departure & Arrival Taxes, 9/11 Security Fee, US Immigration Fees, US Animal/Plant Health Inspection Fees, Hotel Taxes, Package Sales Tax, and Mexico Departure Taxes are included.  International Fuel Surcharge is  included.  All tipping at the resort is included.  Divemaster tips are not included.  Meals, lavish buffets, and free-flowing, unlimited, soft drinks, beer, wine, recognizable-brand mixed drinks, high balls, umbrella drinks, and cocktails are all included in the Bill Jones Cozumel Package.
CAUTION: As soon as your tickets are purchased, your tickets are "non-transferable" and "non-refundable".  Failure to show up on-time for transportation on any leg of the trip will result in your non-refundable loss of that portion of the travel package.  Failure to provide a current passport that has at least four blank visa pages and will not expire within six months of the travel dates will result in your being denied boarding and loss of that leg of the travel package.  Failure to check-in for the flight at least 1 hour prior to departure will result in your seat being made available for resale to another passenger.  This is an international flight and 2-hour early check-ins are standard practice.  There is no expressed or implied warranty concerning flight delays with this package.
How to buy your tickets:
If you know you want to go, you should purchase your tickets a.s.a.p. but not until you are very sure you can go.  I do not reserve, save, or hold tickets or reservations, and I do not accept or want a deposit for the Bill Jones' Cozumel 2007 Travel Packages.  When the tickets are sold-out, the trip is full.  The trip could be sold-out tomorrow or they can sell out weeks before we leave.  The trip has always sold-out in advance in previous years!  The longer you wait to buy your tickets, the more likely that the trip will be sold-out.  Last year, we had 6 people want to buy tickets after it had sold-out.  In years past, we usually have about 30-40 people in the group.
If you want me to find a roommate for you (pricing is based on double occupancy), it makes sense to send me your check a.s.a.p.  You are placed in line for a roommate in the order I receive your check.  If I have 3 people needing a roommate, I take the first two people and buy their tickets.  The third person waits for the next person needing a roommate.
To purchase tickets for the Bill Jones' Cozumel 2007 Travel Packages, you must do the following 5 things:
1.  Send me a check for the entire amount, I do not want or accept a partial payment.  Note on your check the traveler's names.  Make the check payable to: "Bill Jones".  Tickets will not be purchased until I have your check with entire amount.  No credit cards are accepted.
July 30, 2007 for 5 Days, 4 Nights $635 pp, dbl occ, tax incl
July 30, 2007 for 8 Days, 7 Nights $835 pp, dbl occ, tax incl
2.  Attach a note (print clearly) telling me the exact names (exactly the same as passport) as they will appear on the ticket AND indicate who rooms with whom.  Tickets will not be purchased until exact names are provided.  Since this is double occupancy, tickets will not be purchased until 2 roommates are assigned to each other.
3.  Print a Liability Release (attached to this eMail) for each traveler.   Tickets will not be purchased until completed Liability Releases have been received.
4.  Enclose your check, your note from item 2, and the Liability Releases from item 3 and mail all of this stuff to Bill Jones, POB 59-1592, Houston Tx  77259-1592.
5.  EMail Bill Jones at  and tell me what you have mailed to the POB.
Within 24 hours after I deposit your check, I will try to purchase your tickets.  If the trip is sold-out, I will email you and ask where to mail you a full refund.  If the tickets are purchased, the tickets are immediately "non-transferable" and "non-refundable".  As soon as I have a confirmed ticket number, I will eMail you a Cozumel Update that will include travelers names and your E-Ticket number with exact travel information.  This will be updated weekly until the trip.
Proof of Citizenship Requirements:  Passport that has at least four blank visa pages and will not expire within six months of the travel dates .  If you are not a natural born U.S. citizen, you must visit the Mexican Consulate in-person before travel.  Even if you are a resident alien, a Visa and/or national passport may be required. Minors must travel with a parent and hold a notarized letter of consent from any absent other legal parent.  All minors must meet the same passport requirements as an adult.  Married or divorced women traveling under any name other than what is printed on their documentation must also provide a marriage license / divorce decree.
Signed Release of Liability:  Required prior to the purchase of your ticket.
Diver Proof of Certification:  C-Card.  Log book is also required or else a pool demonstration may be required for proof of experience
Specialty Certification Requirements:  Photo, proof of pre-reqs, log book, and filing/handling fee.