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Prices, Dates, & Specifications are subject to change until purchased
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6th Annual Bill Jones COZUMEL Vacations

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July 30, 2007 for 5 Days, 4 Nights approx.$635 pp, dbl occ, tax incl for $127 per day!

We arrive early enough on Monday to get weighted-out and dive.  We leave late enough on Friday to make 2 dives Thursday morning.

July 30, 2007 for 8 Days, 7 Nights approx.
$835 pp, dbl occ, tax incl
for less than $105 per day!

We arrive early enough on Monday to get weighted-out and dive.  We leave late enough on Monday to make 2 dives Sunday morning.

 staying at the fabulous Hotel Cozumel & Resort

The Bill Jones Cozumel Group Package Price Includes:

Air Fare, Ground Transportation, Hotel Accommodations


Including Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Mixed Drinks, Umbrella Drinks, Specialty Drinks, Shots, and High Balls

All Taxes, Exit Fees, and Gratuities

Including Mexican Government Taxes, US International Departure & Arrival Taxes, 9/11 Security Fee, US Immigration Fees, US Animal/Plant Health Inspection Fees

One PADI Specialty Diving Certification  (non-transferable, some restrictions & fees apply)

 Group Diving Deal with Dive Paradise, the on-site PADI Gold Palm Dive Center,  BUT DIVING IS NOT INCLUDED

Group Diving Deal (some rules apply) includes a free shore dive, 2-tank morning boat dives for $49, afternoon boat dives for $15

Travelers must be at least 21 unless accompanied by Parents

Ticket price based on Double Occupancy, Non-Transferable & Non-refundable

Prices and Specifications Subject to Change until Purchased, Tickets Subject to Availability

Diving is Not Required.  Divers Must Show Proof of Certification & Experience

Passport and Signed Liability Release Required

Cozumel, the largest inhabited island in the Mexican Caribbean, is located 12 miles off the coast of the eastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in the State of Quintana Roo. 30 miles east of the mainland and east of the world famous Cancun resort area.  Cozumel Island is approximately 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. The vast majority of land is dense, subtropical jungle.  Surrounded by pristine white beaches and the beautiful turquoise-blue water of the Mexican Caribbean, Hotel Cozumel & Resort provides the ideal combination of fun and relaxation.  A unique doorway to a mystical relationship with Cozumel's ancient Mayan past and modern-day adventure and hospitality.

For Detailed Information, Contact Bill Jones:


Passport processing now has major delays because of the huge demand caused by the new 9/11 travel rules.
Most Passport applications are returned at least once because of application errors  which doubles processing time.

Jamaica Vacations for 2007 will be announced soon!  If you are interested in a "LADIES ONLY" Cozumel or Jamaica Vacation, let me know.  We have had some interest in doing this co-op vacation again.

All passengers on the Bill Jones' 2007 Co-op SCUBA VACATIONS will be required to present a current passport.   If you don't have a passport and you plan to join us on any of our trips in 2007, I would suggest that you file for your passport today! Apply for a Passport or Renew a Passport  My experience with passport applications includes delays and re-submissions.  Expect extra delays for passport issuance in Spring 2007 as more travelers begin to understand the new rules required by the United States Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.  The passport application process normally takes several months if everything goes smoothly.  It will take some additional time for you to put together the documents necessary for the application.  Most passport applications are returned at least once because of application errors,  which doubles the processing time.  An expedited passport application is available for a considerable additional fee.  A passport is current for 10 years.  Download the passport application form and start working on your passport application right now!

Note:  Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip and/or have two to four blank visa/stamp pages.  Some airlines will not allow you to board if these requirements are not met.

We are a group of Scuba Divers and non-scuba diving travelers in the Houston area that want to do up-scale vacations for rock-bottom prices.  Compare these travel costs and vacation quality to any other offer in Houston and I know you will be impressed.  If you can find a cheaper, equal quality Cozumel package from Houston, let me know and I will go with you.  Note:  Bill Jones earns no commissions, everyone pays their share of their actual vacation costs.  Co-op (shared cost) group buying power makes these vacations possible.  Bill Jones is a Houston area, current and insured PADI Master Instructor.  ANYONE INTERESTED or if you know someone that should be on my email list, let me know  or please forward this eMail to them.

Group Diving Deal:  The Bill Jones' Cozumel 2007 Travel Package includes a "Group Diving Deal" with the PADI 5-Star Gold Palm Dive Paradise Dive Center that is located on-site at our resort hotel.  YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO USE THIS DIVE CENTER.  Our deal this trip includes 20% off all posted rates ("Deal" included, but subject to availability, diving fees are not included), a $15 afternoon 1-tank boat dive ("Deal" included, but subject to availability, diving fees are not included), a complimentary "welcome tank" to get weighted out in a shore dive (included, but subject to availability and restrictions), and some other perks.  Additional shore diving is available for a nominal charge per tank.  This translates into less than $50 per morning 2-tank boat dive which may be charged on your major credit card.  There is a mandatory $2 per day park fee (that must be paid in cash) that goes toward law enforcement of the park rules.  The reefs we want to dive are all inside the park boundaries.

Buceo Medico Mexicano is a state-of-the-art decompression chamber facility in Cozumel.  Dive Paradise makes a one dollar per diver per dive trip donation to the chamber.  This donation supports the efforts of the hyperbaric facility in maintaining high quality standards of equipment and service.  The donation also supports the training and education of the Dive Paradise staff in emergency procedures for dive accidents.  The facility is very close to our hotel in San Miguel at Calle 5 Sur 21-B, phone 872-2387 or 872-1430,  24 hours.

You may use any dive center you wish (not included) and make as many or few dives as you wish.  No dive trip could be more tailored to your exact diving needs and desires.  I have checked with 4 other operators including Careyitos Advanced Divers, Red Sail Sports, Scuba Du, and Dive Palancar.  Each of these operators offer slightly different dives for slightly different fees.  Cozumel has nearly 100 dive operators and stores, most of which are a short cab-ride (not included) from our centralized resort hotel.  You are under no obligation to use the on-site dive center or any part of our group diving deal.  This means that Bill Jones Cozumel Trip uses your favorite dive operator by definition!  So have a good time and make reservations with your favorite dive center.  You can make them in advance or the Concierge in our resort lobby will be happy to make the arrangements for you.  I like being able to have breakfast at our hotel and walk out of the restaurant to our boat just a few minutes before it departs.