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6th Annual Bill Jones COZUMEL Vacations

Contact Bill Jones at

The Bill Jones Cozumel 2007 Travel Package Approximate Itinerary

and much more:

Note: Cozumel Time and Houston Daylight Time are the same. When it's 8:00a in Houston, it's 8:00a in Cozumel.

NOTICE: Itinerary TIMES and Terminal Designations are still pending. I will supply correct information closer to the departure date.

Monday July 30, 2007
CAUTION: Failure to show up on-time for transportation on any leg of the trip will result in your non-refundable loss of that portion of the travel package. Failure to provide a current passport that has at least four blank visa pages and will not expire within six months of the travel dates will result in your non-refundable loss of that portion of the travel package. Failure to check-in for the flight at least 1 hour prior to departure will result in your seat being made available for resale to another passenger. This is an international flight and 2-hour early check-ins are standard practice. There is no expressed or implied warranty concerning flight delays with this package.

ARRIVE approximately 5:00a Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH/KIAH) Terminal D, Passenger Check-In, find me standing near the counter, very easy to do. This is "ticketless travel". You will need your PASSPORT and the "Ticket Number" to check-in. I have reserved the first seven rows of the aircraft for our group. You may select one of these seats or if you prefer to sit somewhere else on the airplane, that's ok too.
Don't worry about anything until you get back to Houston. After checking-in, I will pass thru security and stop for coffee and something to eat (not included) before going to the gate. You should begin meeting the people you are going to spend the week with and start having fun there at the airport! Introduce yourself to others in our group, be nice, get in the mood.

DEPART approximately 7:00a Houston from Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH/KIAH)
Flight XXXX Non-Stop (included) We are having fun now!
Complimentary Soft Drinks (included). Beer/Wine/Cocktails approximately $5 ea (not included). No Complimentary Food Service.
Meet fellow travelers during the flight and have fun!
16930 JFK Boulevard, Houston TX 77032, Tel: +1 281-233-3000, +1 281-230-3000, Fax: +1 281-233-1874, Customs Tel: +1-281 233-3600
Airport Data: Position 29°58´55"N, 095°20´45"W, Operating 24-hours/day, Time Zone: GMT-5/10 Central Daylight Time, 5 Passenger Terminals, 1 Cargo Terminal, Navigational Aids: VORTAC, VASI, ILWAS (CAT III, II, I), Lighting: MAL SF II, HIRL, CL, TDZ, THLD, MALSI RAIL, HS, MIRL, THLD, VASI, Max Runway: 12,004ft

ARRIVE approximately 9:15a Cozumel International Airport (CZM/MMCZ). We will clear immigration, claim our luggage, and clear customs. Meet fellow travelers at the airport while in lines and picking up your luggage. We are having more fun now! Notice and enjoy the similarities and differences of this airport compared to our airports in the U.S.
Follow me to the airport's front doors and exit. You are responsible for moving your luggage from customs to airport limo, less than 300 feet.
Carretera Aeropuerto Int´l
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico CP 77600, Business Language: Spanish, Tel: +52 (987) 2-04-85 Fax: +52 (987) 2-40-88
Airport Data: Position 20°31´21"N, 086°55´32"W, Elevation 5m (16ft), Operating hours 1300-0300, Time Zone: GMT-6/8 Same as Central Daylight Time / Houston Daylight Time, Navigational Aids: VOR-DME, NDB Runway 1: Heading 05/23, Max Runway: 10,164ft, 48/F/B/X/U, No ILS

DEPART approximately 10:15a Follow me to our already reserved ground transportation specially for the Bill Jones group (included). We will be picked up very close to the airport's front door. Have fun and enjoy the local sites as we make the short ride directly to our hotel.

ARRIVE approximately 10:45a Hotel Cozumel & Resort (included) - All Inclusive -- Run of the House -- Double Room
I have Pre-approved Early Check-In for the Bill Jones Travelers at hotel (included). We are here early and having a great time!
Carretera Costera Sur KM 17
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico CP 77600
U.S. Phone 011-52-987-872-2900 Outlets are wired for 110vac, 60 cycles. The 180 room Hotel Cozumel & Resort has the largest swimming pool in Cozumel. The pool is so large that the Chan Kanab Underwater Park's Dolphinarium uses it as a hurricane shelter for its dolphins during the tropical hurricane season. Its open-air Jacuzzi, multiple walkways to the rooms and pathways through the hotel's lush gardens help create the multicolored tropical charm of Hotel Cozumel & Resort.

When we arrive at the Hotel Cozumel & Resort . . .
The rules are for my dive trips: "There are no rules". I have made a lot of suggestions in this eMail, but you do whatever you want to do and have fun!

I will check-in and make sure that each of you has no problems checking-in and getting into your room. While the group is checking-in, this is a good time to chat and meet fellow travelers right there in the lobby and grab a welcome beverage (included) at the bar. It would be nice if someone brought a Piņa Colada or a Dirty Banana to me there in the lobby (optional) while I am making sure everyone is getting checked-in.

I will then go to my room, un-pack, and change clothes. That will take me about 15 or 20 minutes. I will then grab my dive bag and take the underground tunnel from the hotel lobby to the Dive Paradise dive center and make arrangements with the hotel's PADI 5-Star Gold Palm dive operator. This is a good time to joke with Lucy at Dive Paradise. If you are diving with the Dive Paradise dive center, join me and I will make sure you get our group discount (included, but subject to availability) and let you know my diving schedule for the week.

If you are not a diver or you are diving with a dive operator other than Dive Paradise, have fun, you are on your own. This is a good time to check on available group day trips (not-included) and make plans. I can put you onto a good competitive tour operator (not-included). You may want to have lunch or a snack (included), go shopping in San Miguel (not-included), go swimming (included), or just look at the beautiful Caribbean water (included). This may be a good time to meet with your favorite dive operator and buy some or all of your diving (not-included). You may use any dive center you wish (not-included).

After I've bought my diving for the week, I will get a tank and weights, gear up, and do a shore dive (included if making dive purchases from Dive Paradise, but subject to availability) right then. This is a great time to make sure you are weighted-out properly for the week's dives. There are some things to see on this shore dive and the water is beautiful of course. After that, I will wash my gear at one of the two cleaning stands and relax in the beach bar and have something to eat (included).

Everyone in our group is very welcome to just hang out with me at anytime and I am usually very easy to find (included). I enjoy having a drink and chatting with everyone on the trip. Always feel free to ask me anything about this trip, Scuba questions of any kind, or how to solve the problems of the world (included). You may want to chat with me about doing Specialty Certifications, Advanced Open Water, or the prestigious Master Scuba Diver certification (some restrictions & fees apply but they do not interfere with your vacation time).

Start making plans for meeting each other for dinner (included) or whatever you want to do. Feel free to join each other at the tables in the dining room, don't wait to be asked, just grab a chair. Everyone in this group is friendly. If you are not diving today, check out the bar (included). Meals, lavish buffets, and free-flowing, unlimited, soft drinks, beer, wine, recognizable-brand mixed drinks, high balls, umbrella drinks, and cocktails are all included in the Bill Jones Cozumel Package. Read the "New Traveler Information" below for more information.

Check with Wendy or me about our two planned group night-excursions by cab to local eateries (not included). The excursions will be "Dutch Treat". The eateries will be selected restaurants that the locals go to when they go out to eat. The food is generally good, inexpensive, and little English is spoken. These will not be tourist restaurants such as "Carlos'nCharlie's" or "Senior Frogs" but are likely to be local taquerias with lots of local atmosphere. There are those in the group that will be going to tourist clubs and tourist restaurants in town, so check with your fellow travelers about their plans. It's fun and safer to travel in groups.

These are the problems you are responsible for and should worry about this week: Do I want to go dive now? Do I want to sleep now? Do I want to eat now. Do I want to go to the bar? Do I want to lay on the beach? Do I want to get in the pool? Do I want to go shopping. Do I want take a day trip?

Friday (5-day trip) or Monday (8-day trip)

DEPART approximately 8:00a Hotel Cozumel & Resort. Check with me in Cozumel about the exact time we will meet in the lobby of the hotel for ground transportation (included) back to airport. I will be eating breakfast at the hotel restaurant just before we meet. You will be responsible for bringing your luggage to the lobby for loading on limo. Failure to show up on-time for transportation on any leg of the trip will result in your non-refundable loss of that portion of the travel package. There is no expressed or implied warranty concerning flight delays with this package. Enjoy the local sites as we take the short ride directly to the airport. We are still having fun!

ARRIVE approximately 8:30a Cozumel International Airport (CZM/MMCZ)
Enter the front doors and follow me to "International Check-In". You are responsible for moving your luggage from our limo to Check-In, less than 200 feet. Have fun, we are still on vacation! After we check-in (Mexico exit taxes are included) , we can do some shopping at the airport (reasonable prices here, not included) and meet for coffee in the airport coffee shop (optional, not included). The vacation isn't over yet, have fun! I will be shopping, drinking coffee in the coffee bar, or sitting in one of the chairs near our departure gate. This is one big area that you can wonder around and everyone will be easy to find. Most travelers pick up about three specialties each on the trip. This is a good time to check with Wendy or me even if you are not sure you have what you need or you need to send me things later to take advantage of the Specialty Deal offered as a part of the Bill Jones Cozumel Vacation Package.

DEPART approximately 10:30a Cozumel International Airport (CZM/MMCZ)
Flight XXXX Non-Stop (included)
Complimentary Soft Drinks (included). Beer/Wine/Cocktails approximately $5 ea (not included). No Complimentary Food Service.
If you want to qualify for Specialties and haven't checked with me yet, I will be working on that paperwork on the flight back to Houston. Most travelers pick up about three specialties on the trip. Check with Wendy or me even if you are not sure you have what you need or you need to send me things later.
We are still on vacation. Have fun on the return flight.

ARRIVE approximately 12:40p Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH/KIAH) Terminal E, clear immigration, claim luggage, clear customs. Take bus (included) to parking. Say goodbye to your new friends. You can stop having fun now. You will have to wait to go back to Cozumel with us next year to have fun again.