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Night Dive with Manta Rays in Hawaii - June 30, 2008

Thomas and Shannon Shimer went to Hawaii's Big Island for vacation June 28 through July 5. They did some local diving, toured the island and watched the volcano Mona Loa erupt. This video shows a fantastic night dive with over a dozen manta rays. It shows why you should do a manta dive if you visit Hawaii. As you watch the video, the sheer number of these massive sea creatures in close proximity of each other and the divers is just amazing. To watch it is thrilling, you can only imagine what it is like to be there!

The boat takes you out for a 2 tank dive. The first is in the late afternoon, just before dusk. Generally, you see ells, fish, etc. but on this dive they saw 2 mantas during the first dive. This is unusual. The intro shot shows one of the mantas in the afternoon above the divers. On the second dive over a dozen mantas showed up. Like whalesharks, manta rays are plankton feeders. Like whale sharks, each manta is identified by their unique and individual markings. Like whale sharks, manta rays are gentle, massive creatures. Manta Rays have been known to span 25 feet and weigh over 5000 lbs. 

On a manta scuba dive, all divers gather in a circle with dive lights, then a large bank of lights is placed in the center of the circle. All the divers point their lights upward. What this does is it attracts the microscopic plankton that the mantas feed on. In turn the mantas swoop in and gobble up the feast. The dive shop used was Jack's Dive Locker  and the divemaster was Keller.


Click on the video and enjoy the dive.