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Back to diving... more shots of the Palancar reef and some of the area just off the hotel. It is easy to tell the difference. The hotel is more barren. This is because of the hurricane that blew through a couple of years ago. The area was quite rich before and is now slowly coming back. The reef got a lot of sand moved around and changed the reef completely. After the hurricane, it was like diving a completely new reef. Always excellent diving!!

It is so hard to get all the good photos on one slideshow. It ends up being a file that takes a long time to load. I have decided to make the segments one song at a time. If you went through the shows you will note that these last 2 shows, I used David Brake & That Damn Band music. David is a local Houston Texas musician. The songs I chose were some of his more light hearted material. He also does some great, 'more serious' songs.

Check him out if you get a chance. David Brake is a great, local piano player with a great band backing him. He is a good songwriter and is a lot of fun live.



Photos by Jim Delane