The 'Get Wet' Club!


Shore dive at night in

front of the Hotel Cozumel

August 12, 2006


A lot of people ask about the shore diving since the hurricane hit Cozumel in 2005. The story is the same as in deeper waters. There was a lot of damage, the corals, sponges and such are coming back but there is a lot of sea life. We decided to do a night dive and see what we might find. You never know what the current is going to be like. It is hard to look for critters if you are zipping along and dodging coral heads. Then I have been on a couple of absolutely wonderful night dives. Slow and easy. With this in mind, we felt that if we got into the water and if the current was ripping, we could bubble around the dock. As it turned out, there was a moderate current and so we just went against the current and then drifted back to the Hotel. The most unusual creature was the torpedo ray, lots of octupus, etc. Enjoy!