The 'Get Wet' Club!


Swimming with whale sharks in Holbox Mexico

August 10, 2006



We left at about 7:30 am and the ride was about an hour. The whale sharks congregate in a shallow area  off shore where the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean converge. It is plankton rich and it is common to see manta rays feeding as well. They feed until around noon and then descend back into the depths. We got 4 encounters lasting about 10 minutes each. The guide positions the boat in the path of a feeding shark and you hit the water and up to and swim along side of the shark for as long as you can. Then you chase another until exhausted, get back in the boat and let the next group go. These fish are large and are leisurely feeding. However, due to their size, what is slow and easy movement to them is a lot of work for us. The greatest experience I had was as I was swimming alongside towards the head of one shark, it saw me and slowed down. I got eyeball to eyeball and we looked at each other for a period. Truly awesome. If you ever have the opportunity - go!

In the meantime - enjoy the slideshow.

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