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Swim with the Whale Sharks in Holbox Mexico

August 2nd and 3rd, 2007


There is room for 12 on this excursion

Contact Jim Delane 281-782-7469

PO Box 9169, Bacliff  Texas 77518


Last year was the dry run of this adventure - five of us went.

This year we are doing it again because it was so much fun!

If you wonder what I am talking about - check out the slideshow

click here - dive-holbox-mexico-whale-sharks

The cost to take this side trip is $180 p/p d/o.

That includes transportation from Playa del Carmen to Chiquila,

rooms for the night and the whale shark excursion.


What we will do is we will have breakfast at the Hotel Cozumel Thursday morning, August 2 and take a cab to the ferry to Playa del Carmen. A van will meet us and we will then be taken to Holbox Mexico. It is about a 3 hour ride to Chiquila and a short ferry ride over to Isla Holbox.

The slideshow about the trip to Holbox - click here - holbox-mexico


At the dock, we will get a couple of golf cart taxis and check in with Rodrigo and get our hotel rooms. Rodrigo is our host and contact on the island. If you have any question, please feel free to contact him direct at


The hotel just added on a bunch of new room. They are air conditioned and clean. We will clean up, rest a bit and then go out and have dinner.

It is up to the individuals what you want to do next. You can wander around the island, have a couple of beers and then go to bed. We will start off the morning quite early. We will meet at Rodrigo's at around 7:30am and get in the boats and head out. It is about an hour ride. The reports so far this year has been that there are a lot of whale sharks and manta rays. The area we head to is where the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico converge and it is very rich in the tiny, microscopic plankton that both these large water creatures feed on. We will take turns diving in and swimming with them. Last year, we each got 4 turns at around 15 minutes each. What happens is the boat positions itself in the path of a whale shark. The whale shark will approach the boat and turn. At that point, you hit the water and follow along side. It is fantastic to cruise along within a couple of feet, eyeball to eyeball. You swim with them until you are exhausted and the boat picks you up and the next people go. By the time your turn comes around, you are rested and ready. The boat holds 8-10 people and there are 2 people in the water each time. Around noon, the whale sharks decend for the day and we head back. We clean up, get a little lunch and climb back into the van back to Playa to catch the ferry to Cozumel. We will be back in time for a dinner with stories and pictures.


You will want to bring a change of clothes and a wetsuit. You must have some type of floatation device. If you do not have a wetsuit, they will give you a life vest to wear. You will want to bring money for the taxi to and from the Cozumel ferry. Money for the Holbox ferry. Money for the golf cart taxi. Money for food and drink. Money for a t-shirt. Money for tips. Last year, it cost about $60 for all this stuff.