The 'Get Wet' Club!

April 5, 2008 - Twin Lakes - Manvel, Texas

Twin Lakes BBQ and picnic on Hwy. 6 in Manvel. (click here for map directions).


You could not have asked for a more perfect day to get together.

There was a good crowd that showed up. We had a bunch of kids show up. They played in the water on the platforms. Thanks to all the members who came out and all the nonmembers who came out to play.

The diving was good. The water was clear, although a little chilly - about 76 F.

Most people had their equipment except for tanks. Twin Lakes rents tanks for $10 and fills are $8.

Since the thermocline starts at about 15 ft, most divers stayed shallow, so a tank went a long ways.

The lake is down some since the City of Manvel is building a retention pond nearby which tapped into the spring that feeds the lake. However, it is not as bad as some rumors and it is only down about 6 feet. Still plenty of good diving, lots of fish and plants, trees, a bus, sunken boats and other stuff. There was a dive class going on and Nan Skelly was over there assisting as Dive Master. She came by afterward and had a little something to eat.


Most important, we all got together and had fun. Jim Delane brought his BBQ pit and some chicken and hotdogs. Jim and Tory  Jenkins brought some ribs and fajitas and other stuff. Sandee Roquemore made a delicious strawberry cake (with fresh strawberries) decorated like a dive flag. Thanks to everyone who brought salads and chips and everything else. It was a great time blowing bubbles and getting sunburned. I know I slept well Sunday night!