The 'Get Wet' Club!

May 8, 2005 - Twin Lakes - Manvel, Texas

Twin Lakes on Hwy. 6 (click here for map directions).

pictures of Twin Lakes Manvel Texas scuba diving party

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Have you every heard me say You Should Have Been There, well you should have been. Twelve “baddies” showed up for what turned out to be a hot wing eating marathon. Blanche fired up her trusty BBQ pit and rolled out some mighty fine wings with Ja Van supplying water melon, strawberries and other chocolaty coated treats to cool the taste buds down. I always thought Mike was the wing man but I do believe Randy out did him this time.

In between all of the munching going on some diving was even done. So say the water was 74* with vis at about 15-20+. I personally couldn’t say because my excuse was I didn’t want my regulator tasting like hot sauce all season long (sounded good).

Of course there were some great dive stories and fond memories being passed around and new ones in the making.

From the sounds of it the waters of Coco View, Cozumel, Jamaica and the likes are going to be taken over by BAD’s this season.

True to my word the cost to get in was only six dollars and worth every penny of it. Twin Lakes looks like it will work out to be a great place to do some fine local diving. Even with the local instructors and students we still had plenty of room to do our thing. Most of the classes left by noon time, which made the lake BAD property for the rest of the day.

There was even some talk of letting BAD’s camp on the grassy side of the road if we want to try out a weekend get together. Doug is the resident expert on the lake and has helped put in most of the platforms, gear racks, etc. and will be able to help us if we do decide to camp.

The picnic was great and we all had fun, the only thing we missed was you.

Remember, it’s good to be B.A.D. so; “Let’s Get Wet”

Article by Larry Albritton