The 'Get Wet' Club!

Saturday, August 26, 2006 - Twin Lakes - Manvel, Texas

Twin Lakes is on Hwy. 6 (click here for map directions).

Manvel is located just east of Hwy 288 and is easy to get to from both Houston and the Galveston / Clear Lake area. There are 2 lakes and the owner has set it up with divers in mind. There are various dive oriented water objects such as dive platforms and sunken wrecks. The shoreline has tables, benches and covered areas to relax at. There are numerous dive friendly piers and easy access to the water. They do not rent tanks there but they have a compressor and refills are cheap.

The lakes are good diving. Visibility is 15-25 foot and it is deep enough to have a thermo cline. When we were diving there in May, I stayed at about 20-25 ft because I only had a bathing suit and that was where the thermo cline starts. There was plenty to see at that depth. If you want to go deeper, bring a wetsuit and a dive light because it gets darker deeper. There is plenty of fish. Small fry, perch and bass will be found in the grasses.

I will be bring my BBQ pit and you are welcome to bring something to cook. I will be bringing 10# of chicken and some beans so there will be some food there. If you have any question, call me on my cell: 281-782-7469

Or just show up and blow some bubbles and we will have a BAD time!!