The 'Get Wet' Club!


Local Lake Dive!! Rockin OK Lake in Rosharon TX

August 15th, 2009


Noon - 4pm


Rocking OK Lake has been known by many names including Lost Lake. One thing that hasn't changed is this has been a great place to do some local diving, blow some bubbles, splash in the water and relax for an afternoon.


Jim Delane will be bringing out his BBQ pit so we can have some smoked chicken, hotdogs and other munchies. Bring something to drink or whatever. Remember that the facilities do not have an air fill station so bring whatever air you plan to use. 



Map Directions to the Rockin OK Lake 


Sign in & Pay at Gate.

Rockin OK charges $10 per Diver per day.


  • An Evite was sent out to all BAD members. Please reply to the Evite so we have an idea as to how much food we need to buy! Dive safe - Dive often!!

  • Contact Jim Delane