The 'Get Wet' Club!


So you have been on a dive trip and want to post pictures and comments for the whole world to see! Great! 

We want to provide divers with as much information about dive destinations, resorts, etc. as possible. There are so many places to go and so much to see. The best reference I can think of is another diver. We know what we like or don't like. All the travel brochures bill the destinations as the most beautiful and best. This way we can help each other out. 

The steps to submitting pictures and information are simple. Now write an article about the trip and send that with picture attachments then click on this email link and send to  Provide details about the trip like when you wee there, where you stayed, how wonderful everything was and what things you liked best. If you have a lot of pictures, you may want to zip the folder and then send them. Otherwise, you might bog down your computer and they may never get sent.

The alternative is to burn it to a CD and mail it to


Bay Area Divers

P.O. Box 58404
Houston, TX  77258

Attn: Webmaster


Subjects to write about include:

Your Name: 

Other people on trip:

Dive Destination:

Flight Info:              Comments about flight:

Trip Dates: 

Resort Name:   Comments about resort personnel and facilities:

Food: At the resort and local restaurants

Bars:  (names, good, bad, music, dancing, drinks, etc)

Weather how was the weather?

Dive Operation used: Comments about dive operation and facilities:  Comments about the divemaster:

Types of dives: Shore dives: Boat dives: Night dives:

Day trips: Comments about places you went to, the people you met and things you did when you were not diving:

Comments about your pictures:

Please comment on the most outstanding part of the trip:

Comments or cautions that people should be aware of that you discovered on this trip:

How would you rate this trip: (1 being poor and 5 being the best trip you have ever been on)