The 'Get Wet' Club!

If you are interested in getting SCUBA certified or are looking for advanced diving certifications, you can contact instructors in the club and they can advise you as to classes they are doing.
Scuba Diver Classes
Scuba classes may be offered by individual instructors or local dive shops. These classes may include beginner Open Water Certifications through the most advanced classes. Most instructors will teach specialty classes but there is limited availability. Also, a lot of people who have not been diving for a long time might want a 'refresher' course. If you do not find a listing of classes that meets your schedule or have special time constraints or want individualized classes, it is advised that you contact an instructor and see what is available.
Keep in mind that Bay Area Divers do some local lake diving and you might want to come out and blow bubbles with us just to practice and join us for the fun of it!!