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Get Your Fish Photo on an Official US Postage Stamp:  And you don't have to win a contest to do it.  The US Postal Service has teamed up with private enterprise to allow you to create 39 cent stamps with any image you want (well, no body parts, no Hitlers, no smut).  But, they're pricey: $17.99 for a sheet of twenty, nearly a 300 percent markup.  Still, they're fun.  Upload any shot you want at

and let that favorite angelfish photo wing a letter to your family or friends.



We Need Your Help to Stop Poaching: In southern Belize, the 133-island marine reserve is managed by a small nongovernmental organization with private funds. A ranger station there has led to a decrease in the illegal poaching of manatees and other marine species, but rogue fishermen -- some from Honduras -- target these reserves under the cover of darkness. The reserve is underfunded and fuel costs are making it impossible to patrol the area regularly. The rangers say they can stop the poachers if they get money to  repair and outfit their sailboat for silent overnight patrols; they can catch gill-netters illegally fishing the breeding grounds, arrest and prosecute them.  The rangers would even overnight on the cays to nab the poachers.  You can help them launch their boat by going to and clicking where it says donate. Your donation is fully tax deductible and you will receive a letter thanking you for the specific amount donated to keep with your IRS records.  Every penny you give will go directly to the rangers.  Stop the slaughter of manatees and gamefish. If divers don't save the reefs, who will? Thanks for your support.



The DAN/SSS Chamber Legal Dispute.  The two parties have just reached a settlement in their recent legal action. DAN America insurance is once again accepted at SSS network chambers as a result of the resolution of the outstanding claims that were the basis for the lawsuit.  The terms of the settlement remain confidential.



Milking Frequent Flyer Programs: Sometimes, whether we take a dive trip, especially beyond the Caribbean, depends on whether we can  get a free airline frequent flyer ticket -- or get an inexpensive ticket and upgrade. Trouble is, programs are complex, seats are limited, and you might not have enough miles.  I found the new book, Mileage Pro, the Insiders Guide to Frequent Flyer Programs, very useful, with  plenty of new tips: like how to move miles from one airline into a hotel program than back into another airline program. Why not pay for a cheap flight (and get more miles) and use the miles for another reward? How and where to find the most available seats. Last minute strategies. And how plain old charm can get you what may not seem available. $19.95. Click for more information and to order.  Undercurrent gets 10% of the purchase price, which will go to the Belize antipoaching program.



Latest Breaking News from Bonaire

Tourism Corporation Bonaire releases latest news and happenings in BONAIRE BRIEFS

Kralendijk, Bonaire – (February 13, 2006) – The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire offers something for everyone this winter and spring including great scuba diving and hotel packages, new attractions and restaurants, hotel upgrades, information-filled Bonaire websites and much more. Below is a summary of the latest news from Bonaire. For more detailed information, visit .

Island news includes the announcements of marine and nature conservation programs by the Bonaire National Marine Park and windsurfing clinics, the completion of a “Scientists House” at the entrance to Washington-Slagbaai National Park, the launch of three new websites and the Caribbean’s first DonkeyCam, the opening of Dutch Antilles Express’ new call center and a new dive location for Wannadive Bonaire, the construction of a butterfly farm, new vehicles at Bonaire Tours & Vacations and Macho Scooter Rental and an award won by one of the island’s dive operators. Information on three new items - Bonaire’s new dining guide, a book on Papiamentu and the 2006 Bonaire Agenda – is also included along with details on the island’s three newest restaurants: Anthony’s Extreme Cuisine, Den Laman and Restaurant Mezani.

On the hotel scene a number of hotels have completed expansion or upgrading projects and/or are offering great packages and specials in 2006. Hotels include Belmar Oceanfront Apartments, Black Durgon Inn & Scuba Center, Buddy Dive Resort, Carib Inn, Den Laman Condominiums, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, Eden Beach Resort, Harbour Village Beach Club, Kontiki Beach Resort and SunRentals. Information on the building of a new hotel in Bonaire, Zambezi Lodge, is also included as well as information on an artificial reef project that Sand Dollar Condominium Resort took part in.

Located eighty-six miles east of Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire offers year-round sunshine, pristine coral formations and the most thriving fish population in the Caribbean. Ideal for adventurers, explorers and sun-worshippers alike, Bonaire offers myriad eco-adventure activities including world renowned scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, nature tours, hiking, bird watching, sailing and deep sea and bone fishing. And with a selection of accommodations ranging from full-service oceanfront resorts and condominiums to guesthouses and small inns, Bonaire has something for every lifestyle and budget.

For more information on Bonaire, contact the Tourism Corporation Bonaire in the U.S. at 1-800-BONAIRE or visit Bonaire’s official website at .


Curacao Announces New Dive Festival Event

First-ever event for divers set for May 20-27, 2006 on Curacao. Many opportunities exist for groups and dive centers.

Ranked among the Caribbean’s best islands for diving, Curaçao is, or should be, on any diver’s wish list of places to visit. Curaçao has more than 60 identified dive spots surrounding its coastline with 57 coral species and more than 500 species of fish. Combine that with warm water, excellent visibility and reefs close to the shore and it is easy to see why Curaçao has been rated one of the best Caribbean islands for shore diving and snorkeling.

In an effort to share its underwater splendor with the world and invite visitors to come explore the depths of the island’s surrounding waters, Curaçao has announced the First Annual Curaçao Dive Festival, scheduled for May 20 - 27, 2006.

Curaçao invites you to participate at seminars on Fish Identification, Underwater Digital Photography, Historic Wrecks, Dive Safety & Assistance along with world famous Dive-experts for free!

In addition to fabulous diving, Curaçao is also offering great hotels and resort specials. Twelve participating hotels are offering a special airfare credit between $100 and $200 off your final hotel bill for stays on five nights or longer, while 5 local dive operators also offer a special Dive Festival package, to be booked directly with the hotel.
For additional information on the Curaçao Dive Festival schedule, free registration information, eligibility for the special “Airfare Credit” from hotels or for information on suggested accommodations, please visit  or call 1-800-3-CURAÇAO.



Deep Sea 3D to make a big splash beginning March 3, 2006

Newest IMAX 3D Underwater Film Narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet

Dive in beginning March 3rd when Deep Sea 3D debuts at select IMAX, IMAX 3D and IMAX Dome theatres. Through the magic of IMAX 3D technology, audiences will be transported below the ocean surface to swim with some of the planet’s most unique, dangerous and colorful creatures, from the unusual Wolf Eel to the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Deep Sea 3D brings moviegoers face to face with these underwater inhabitants to witness their peculiar and amazing behavior as they rely on one another for survival. It is directed by world-renowned underwater cinematographer, Howard Hall, produced by Toni Myers and Michele Hall, executive produced by Graeme Ferguson and narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, with

an original score by Danny Elfman.

"When I put on the IMAX 3D glasses to watch Deep Sea 3D it was like putting on my dive mask,” explains director Howard Hall. “IMAX 3D provides such an immersive experience that you're able to get up close to the creatures much like I did shooting the film, but without getting wet."

“Our goal is really to take you on a magical journey underwater to places that most of us have never been”, comments producer Toni Myers. “Even with a large number of people who do scuba dive, lots of them have never met these characters or seen how they interact with other animals. Deep Sea 3D includes moments that Howard himself has never filmed before, even in his long and varied career in undersea photography. These creatures are scary, beautiful, funny—it’s such a vivid illustration of the astonishing array of the diversity of life.”

Deep Sea 3D reunites the dynamic filmmaking team that produced the very first IMAX 3D underwater film Into the Deep 3D, which still delights IMAX audiences to this day. This breakthrough in filmmaking led Howard Hall and his crew to push the envelope once again, diving in multiple locations to profile animals that have never been seen in IMAX 3D before.

About IMAX Corporation

Founded in 1967, IMAX Corporation is the newest distribution platform for Hollywood content and one of the world's leading entertainment technology companies. IMAX delivers the world's best cinematic presentations using proprietary IMAX, IMAX® 3D, and IMAX DMR® technology. IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) makes it possible for virtually any 35mm film to be transformed into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience. The IMAX brand is recognized throughout the world for extraordinary and immersive entertainment experiences. As of September 30, 2005, there were 261 IMAX theatres operating in more than 38 countries.

IMAX®, IMAX® 3D, IMAX DMR® and The IMAX Experience® are trademarks of IMAX Corporation. More information on the Company can be found at


U N D E R C U R R E N T  O N L I N E  U P D A T E

Undercurrent -- Consumer Reporting for the
Scuba Diving Community since 1975

September 26, 2005     

Volunteer Divers Needed in Thailand. Dr. Jolie Bookspan, author of Diving Physiology in Plain English, has spent a month in Thailand volunteering her diving services to aid tsunami victims. She's looking for more volunteers, saying The Thais have been very brave since the Tsunami last December. Divers and snorkelers can help with many activities, including shallow water and beach cleanup, snorkelers too. If you plan to be in the area, extend your trip a couple days and help out. For information:

Win A Diving Week in Honduras: Visit, click on the homepage contest icon, and you're entered into a drawing for an all-inclusive 8-day scuba-diving trip for two to Anthony's Key in Roatan, Honduras, air included. Do a little surfing while you're logged on for good information and bargains.

Hurricane Tracking: If you want to check the predicted path of a hurricane or cyclone before you climb aboard a flight for your next trip, you'll find the latest at and click on tropical/hurricanes Nothing worse than landing at your destination, only having to catch the next plane back home. Surf the Weather Underground website for more weather information than you'll ever want to know.

Free Nitrox and the World's Best Diving: Larry Smith's fine live-aboard, Adventure Komodo, makes 14-night trips to Indonesia's Raja Ampat and Banda sea areas. Book through Dive Discovery, let them know you got an email from Undercurrent and Nitrox is on the house. Dive Discovery Travel, (800) 886-7321, (415) 444-5100, or email Check their website for plenty of other fine dive journeys.

Ever Been Diving with Stan Waterman? Many Undercurrent readers have joined him on one of his scores of live-aboard adventures. Stan's the father of underwater film making, and his work includes the classic Blue Water, White Death, The Deep and many fine documentaries. Stan has compiled his work in a 320-page (32 pages of photographs) hardbound book, Sea Salt, Memories & Essays, and it's a great read for any serious diver. Get an autographed copy with a personal inscription from Stan by ordering it from New World Publications at But, you must order before October 30. If you've never dived with Stan, reading Sea Salt is the next best thing.

That Dangerous Boat Propeller: In the last three months, at least four divers have been harmed by boat propellers. A scuba diver in Palm Beach was 100 yards offshore when the prop of a speeding boat hit and exploded his tank . . . In Florida, a diver was killed by a hit and run boat driver . . . In England, a dive boat propeller cut off a 29-year-old scuba diver's left leg and severely injured his right leg. He was rushed ashore by other divers, where vacationing physicians treated his horrific injuries . . . And, at Coco View, in Roatan, after the boat captain gave a Tennessee diver the go ahead for a back roll entry, the dive boat swung over her as she bobbed to the surface. The propellor inadvertently engaged, gashing her arm to the bone. More about this in the October issue.

Got a Group That Wants to Dive YAP?: Margo Chornlesky, who owns World Dive, has a great special for 16 people at Manta Ray Bay Hotel. Buy eight spots, get eight free. In other words, two for the price of one. It's good through December 16, but you must book by the DEMA show, October 7. Visit her website _ _ for more info about this and other deals. Or call 1-800-433-3483 or

Undercurrent Subscribers Read These Articles in the September Issue: Isla de Marisol, Belize, perhaps Belize's best diving . . . Dive boats hassle Utila's whale sharks . . . Great live-aboards: The Ocean Rover in Thailand, Mike Ball in Papua New Guinea, a Galapagos live-aboard a lot less than others . . . Divers left behind by Florida day boat . . . Bob Halstead's quirky formula to ensure divers don't drift away . . . Airport security screeners and divers: what to watch for . . . Titanium regulators and Nitrox don't mix . . . Why Divers Die; a case analysis of panic and other causes . . . The ever-valuable reef hook: where to get, and how not to get stuck . . . The giant stride causing sciatica: what a pain . . . Why Sea Bands might stop mal de mer; getting back to the boat Aussie style, clever way to save a dive light, popular Key West guide dies after getting hair caught in engine . . . and much much more.

You can read these and important articles just like them by accepting our four-issue trial offer at and we'll send you the September issue absolutely FREE. If you're dissatisfied with any issue, we'll return all your money, no questions asks. It's been my guarantee for 31 years. This special offer is good only through October 2.

Note: Our travel writers never announce their purpose, are unknown to the destination, and receive no complimentary services or compensation from the dive operators or resort.

Ben Davison, editor/publisher


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